CMECE 2020 - 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Engineering

来源:CMECE 2020


会议名称:CMECE 2020 - 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Engineering



所在国家:South Korea





联系电话:+86-28-86512185 (From GMT 9: 30 am to 5: 30 pm)



With a proven track record of success with the first conference held in Sanya, China in 2014, subsequent conferences have been held in Zhuhai, China in 2015; New York, USA in 2016; Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2017; Singapore in 2018; and Hong Kong in 2019. The 2020 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (CMECE 2020) will be held in Seoul, South Korea during August 17-19, 2020 jointly with ICESP 2020.

The conference provides academics, researchers, developers, practitioners, and professional from all over the world a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of mechanical, electronics and computer engineering.


The technical areas include but are not limited to the following:

Mechanical Engineering

Acoustics and Noise Control


Applied Mechanics

Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics


Automotive Engineering



Biomedical Engineering

Body and Chassis development



Composite and Smart Materials

Compressible Flows

Computational Mechanics

Computational Techniques

Driver/Vehicle Interface, Information and Assistance Systems

Dynamics and Vibration

Energy Engineering and Management

Engineering Materials

Fatigue and Fracture

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery


Fuels and Combustion

General mechanics


Health and Safety

Heat and Mass Transfer


Instrumentation and Control

Internal Combustion Engines

Machinery and Machine Design

Man – Vehicle – Land Interaction

Manufacturing and Life cycle engineering

Manufacturing and Production Processes

Marine System Design

Material Engineering

Material Science and Processing

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Power Engineering


MEMS and Nano Technology

Mobility concepts

Multibody Dynamics

Nanomaterial Engineering

New and Renewable Energy

Noise and Vibration

Noise Control

Non-destructive Evaluation

Nonlinear Dynamics

Oil and Gas Exploration

Operations Management

PC guided design and manufacture

Plasticity Mechanics

Pollution and Environmental Engineering

Power-train solutions

Powertrain Technology

Precision mechanics, mechatronics

Production Technology

Quality assurance and environment protection

Resistance and Propulsion

Resources and Ecology

Robotic Automation and Control

Simulation and Testing

Solid Mechanics

Structural Dynamics

System Dynamics and Simulation

Textile and Leather Technology

Transport Phenomena

Transportation Challenges in Emerging Markets



Vehicle Design and Manufacturing

Vehicle Dynamics and Intelligent Control Systems

Vehicle safety

Electronics Engineering

Circuits and Systems

Analog Circuits

Digital Circuits

Mixed Signal Circuits

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Sensing and Sensor Networks

Filters and Data Conversion Circuits

RF and Wireless Circuits

Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits

Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design

Biomedical Circuits

Assembly and Packaging

Test and Reliability

Advanced Technologies (i.e. MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices)Computer Engineering


Artificial Intelligence

Automated Software Engineering


Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing

Biomedical Engineering

Circuits and Systems

Communication Systems

Compilers and Interpreters

Computational Intelligence

Computer Animation

Computer Architecture & VLSI

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

Computer Based Education

Computer Games

Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Computer Modeling

Computer Networks

Computer Networks and Data Communication

Computer Security

Computer Simulation

Computer Vision

Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing

Computing Ethics

Computing Practices & Applications

Control Systems

Data Communications

Data Compression

Data Encryption

Data Mining

Database Systems

Digital Library

Digital Signal and Image Processing

Digital System and Logic Design

Distributed and Parallel Processing

Distributed Systems

E-commerce and E-governance

Electrical Energy Systems

Electrical Machines & Electrical Apparatus

Electrical Materials and Process

Electronic Communications Systems

Electronic Materials

Electronics, Information & Control Systems

Electronic Systems Design

Event Driven Programming

Expert Systems

High Performance Computing

High Voltage Engineering & Insulation Technology

Human Computer Interaction

Image Processing

Information Retrieval

Information Systems

Internet and Web Applications

Knowledge Data Engineering

Knowledge Management

Microprocessors & Semiconductors

Mobile Computing

Multimedia Applications

Natural Language Processing

Neural Networks

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Pattern Recognition

Performance Evaluation

Power Electronics and Power Drives

Power Systems & Energy

Programming Languages

Reconfigurable Computing Systems

Robotics and Automation

Satellite Systems & Communications

Security & Cryptography

Sensor & Micro-machines

Social Media and C